Welcome to We Are Aby Music. The official website of the Abyssinian Baptist Church Music Ministry. The music ministry is an integral part of Abyssinian’s life since the church’s founding in 1808. The music repertoire encompasses a wide range of sacred music including oratorios, cantatas, anthems, Negro spirituals, hymns, gospel music, and other sacred selections. The various choirs alternate in presentation throughout the calendar year, rendering music at both the 9:00AM and 11:00AM Worship Services on Sundays as scheduled by the Director, as well as Christmas, Easter, and for special occasions and events in the life of Abyssinian. Members in all choirs hail from the most prestigious universities, colleges and conservatories world wide, including Julliard, Oberlin, Carnegie-Mellon, Morehouse and Spelman College. Many of the musicians have performed with the leading international opera houses, concert venues and musical festivals, including the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Nantes Festival and Jazz at Lincoln Center.

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The Abyssinian Baptist Church Music Ministry

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